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Sprite(s) BNormal.png BTurnLeft1.png BTurnLeft2.png BTurnLeft3.png BTurnLeft4.png BTurnRight1.png BTurnRight2.png BTurnRight3.png BTurnRight4.png
Aliases None
Alignment Blobs
Opposite Zype
Description Blobs are the main inhabitants of the Blob Kingdom. They're very friendly and cheerful. Blobs come in different types.
Blob Character

This article is about the main inhabitants of the kingdom. Click here to go to the Blob game in general.

Blob is the common main character and inhabitant in the kingdom. The first game was successful on the Scratch website, and since then, has become UltraJordan's mascot and staple character. It has a particular liking for pizza (More specifically Blob Pizza), and can jump very high.

Game Appearances[]

As Blob is the main mascot, it is included in all Blob games that UltraJordan has produced.

Blob Card Stats[]

Blob has 50 HP

Move 1: Roll a die. If you roll an even number, your attack causes 20 damage. If you roll an odd number, you cause none.

Move 2: Cause 10 damage.


  • Blob appears as a playable guest character in Jumpy! by Klinklang.


Blob card

Caption of Blob