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Capture of "Blob"

Blob is a one player platforming side-scroller game. The games are created and published by UltraJordan. Since the first game's release, the series has become incredibly popular.

Major Blob games:

  • Blob
  • Blob 2
  • Blob 3
  • Blob 4
  • Blob 5
  • Blob Planet


  • The first game in the series was uploaded November 3rd, 2011.
  • The most recent addition to the series was Blob 5, uploaded May 17, 2013.
  • UltraJordan has a project on his page called Blob Magazine. It is an online 'magazine' about the Blob series that has been occasionally updated since March 24, 2012.
  • One of the lesser-known Blob games is Blob Dress-Up, which was released on November 20, 2011 to mixed reception. UltraJordan has disowned it, calling it a "bad project" and that it "will be updated into something worthy of being a Blob game".