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Screenshot of the game.

Blob Dress Up is a video game on the Scratch website programmed and uploaded by UltraJordan. It was one of the earliest Blob games, dating back to November 20, 2011. It received mixed reception on Scratch.


In Blob Dress Up, (as seen in the screenshot) you can click and drag different articles of clothing onto Blob. Some of these include a top hat, multiple masks, money, eyeglasses, and crowns. You could also move Blob himself around the terrain.


Blob Dress Up is one of the lesser-known games in the Blob series. It was released November 20, 2011 by UltraJordan to generally mixed reception. While most Scratchers enjoyed the game, UltraJordan did not, and went on to call it a "bad project... [it] will be updated into something worthy of being a Blob game...". However, despite this statement, the game hasn't been updated since it was released.