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Professor Blob
Sprite(s) PBNormal.png PBTurnLeft1.png PBTurnLeft2.png PBTurnLeft3.png PBTurnLeft4.png PBTurnRight1.png PBTurnRight2.png PBTurnRight3.png PBTurnRight4.png
Aliases Prof. Blob
Alignment Blobs
Opposite Doctor Zype
Description Professor Blobs are the smartest Blobs. Male Professor Blobs wear blue glasses and female Professor Blobs wear pink glasses. They love Blob Cakes.
Blob Character

Professor Blob is a Blob that lives in Blob Kingdom. They are usually easy to distinguish based on their glasses. Professor Blobs also have created Blob-Bots. Also their favorite food is Blob Cakes.

Game Appearances

While not appearing in most games, Professor Blob is a character mentioned in the Blob Factfile and appearing as a playable character in Blob 4. Professor Blob's glasses appear in Blob Dress Up.

Blob Card Stats

Professor Blob has 50 HP

Move 1: Invent an UltraLaser machine and cause 30 damage and lose 10 HP.

Move 2: Invent a healing machine and heal all of you cards including yourself by 10 HP.


Professor Blob card