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Zypes as described in Blob Factfile.

In the Blob series, Zypes are creatures similar to Blobs, although they are the antagonists. Zypes are round black balls with red eyes. Zypes can turn other Blobs into Zypes by hypnotizing them with their eyes.

The Zypes were introduced in Blob 2, with a Zype as the final boss.

Notable Zypes[]

  • Doctor Zype
  • Robo-Zype
  • Zyclops
  • Captain Zype
  • Zyblo
  • Poison Zype
  • Zyborg


  • Zypes have only appeared in 2 of UltraJordan's Blob games: Blob 2 and Blob Factfile.
  • The final boss of Blob 2 (a Zype) only has 5 lines of dialogue.